Japan Story’s goal is to enhance understanding between Japan and the rest of the world.

The primary focus is on helping Japanese people share their ideas effectively.
I help Japanese people in two areas, public speaking coaching and journalism.

Testimonials from recent training

“The private coaching sessions I took with Duncan opened my mind and helped me understand the importance of putting myself in the shoes of the listeners. I would recommend these sessions even to experienced people.”
Professor Teruaki Nagasaki
International Affairs Department, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Former Ambassador to the Vatican, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan
“Duncan is good at understanding issues from a Japanese perspective. We appreciate his expert skill in analysing politics in the UK and the EU, especially after the Brexit referendum. We will be very happy to work with him again.”
Mr Tomochika Kitaoka
Senior Economist, Equity Research Department, Mizuho Securities, Tokyo
“The workshop that Duncan held for the Kuala Lumpur Speakers’ Club was well structured and covered lots of aspects of being an effective public speaker. He guided us through useful discussions on the fear of public speaking and the role of the chairperson. It was also very enjoyable and memorable as Duncan included recollections and stories from his own diverse personal and professional experience.”
Ms Zehan Albakri
Chairperson, Pan Asian Women’s Association
“Mr Bartlett’s speech was full of enthusiasm and humour, with lots of vivid examples. He prepared an unforgettable class for our students.”
Professor Shinichi Shibata
Department of English Language Studies and International Affairs, Mejiro University


My journalism analyses business, politics and economics in Japan and provides insight on international current affairs.

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