About Japan Story

My motto is “Tell me why it matters in words I understand.” I aim to help speakers focus their presentation on the key points and then find ways to explain them effectively. The techniques I teach can apply to any subject at any kind of meeting. My main goal is to help speakers create a rapport with their audience. This makes the event more enjoyable for everyone but it is also the key way to help the audience remember the ideas. I offer one-to-one coaching or group training sessions.




Duncan-Bartlett-3Duncan Bartlett has more than twenty years experience working for the UK’s leading broadcasters, BBC and ITN. As a presenter and former Tokyo correspondent for the BBC he often explained Japanese affairs to international audiences, especially economics and business. He has spoken at and chaired many meetings including events organised by The Economist, the European Chamber of Commerce and the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He studied Japanese language at Westminster University and continues to learn with a private tutor.