Public speaking courses

Speak well in public and make a great impression of Japan

Through my courses, you can learn how to speak confidently at international events and business meetings. I will show you how to deliver presentations that audiences understand and remember. I can help you create a great impression of Japan when you meet foreigners.

Most Popular Public Speaking Courses

Here are examples of two types of course I offer. Please contact me for information on other support and training.

1. One-to-one coaching for professionals and executives

Take your communication skills to the next level so that people remember your ideas and want to work with you. With my support, you will become able to speak confidently at business events, conferences and meetings.

SESSION ONE: Connecting with an audience
  1. Understand the role of speeches and presentations in communicating ideas.
  2. Consider what audiences understand and remember.
Research an audience and find out why people come to listen.
  4. Identify key ideas that are important to the listeners.
  5. Communicate using a simple formula based on stories.
SESSION TWO: Delivering with confidence
  1. Choose the appropriate tone of voice, hand gestures and facial expressions.
  2. Understand what causes fear and deliver a good speech, even when nervous.
  3. Present complex information accessibly.
  4. Learn how to convey enthusiasm.
  5. Follow up after a speech and maintain a relationship with listeners.
SESSION THREE: Visual Aids which really work
  1. Learn to design beautiful, clear slides which support your speech.
  2. Avoid the common mistakes of Power Point.
  3. Craft a speech so that words and visual images match perfectly.
  4. Reduce the time and effort of producing a slide deck by keeping it simple.
  5. Add more visual aids than just slides.

2. Group Training: Enhancing Team Communication

I offer in-house training to companies so that teams learn how to speak confidently to colleagues, customers and business associates. The courses are especially suited to Japanese people assigned to international teams.

SESSION ONE: Principles of good communication
  1. Consider the importance of clear communication.
  2. Understand the goals of a presentation.
  3. Practice delivering a message with clarity.
  4. Learn from the experts.
  5. Use stories to carry your message.
SESSION TWO: Become a confident communicator
  1. Identify what causes the fear of public speaking.
  2. Appear confident before an audience of any size.
  3. Handle a question and answer session well.
  4. Develop a good microphone technique.
  5. Ensure your speech is understood and remembered.
SESSION THREE: Making meetings interesting
  1. Chair a meeting well: keep it interesting and make sure it runs to time.
  2. Set clear objectives and focus on relevant issues.
  3. Manage discussion in an inclusive way.
  4. Develop a sophisticated technique to encourage participation.
  5. Work effectively with a translator at international events.