Addiction, Love and Recovery

‘Stay’ is a powerful feature film set in Japan. It’s a story of addiction, love, recovery and – ultimately – hope. In this video, director Darryl Wharton-Rigby and fellow film-maker Felicity Tillack discuss how Japanese society regards people struggling with addiction and those on the journey to recovery..

The thunderous fun of Taiko drums

Vibrant and visceral, Taiko drumming is a Japanese art form that’s thrilling to watch and exciting to play. It’s a very physical form of music and also very loud. I loved my lessons with sensei Liz Walters but we had to suspend them due to Covid rules on social distancing. In this Japan Story video, I ask Liz what ignited her passion for taiko and asked her when we get back to the dojo.

Waiting for the tourist to return

In 2019, Japan was riding an unprecedented wave of tourism, with the government aiming for as many as 40 million tourists during 2020. But after strict border controls were imposed due to Covid and the Olympics were postponed, Japan’s once bustling tourist centres became ghost towns. In this video, Felicity Tillack and John Daub share their thoughts on this strange and lonely year in Japan, and what might be coming next.

TV in focus

What assumptions lie behind the way Japan is reported? In this video discussion, the chairman of the Japan Society Bill Emmott is joined by eminent correspondents from the BBC and NHK, John Simpson and Aiko Doden. The host is Duncan Bartlett, founder of Japan Story and former BBC Correspondent in Tokyo. 


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