Record collector heads to the dark side of the moon



The world’s media have been delighted by the news that a Japanese billionaire is heading on a trip around the Moon, in a rocket built by the Tesla boss Elon Musk.

Because my hobby is collecting old records, I am particularly impressed that Yusaku Maezawa started his life in business as a record and CD collector.

Collecting mania

According to Metro Mr Maezawa was in band when he was young and instead of going to college, decided to head off to the United States with his girlfriend to collect records which he sold back to Japanese people through a mail order business.

According to Forbes, his net worth as of May 2017 was $3.6 billion. Which is pretty paltry compared to Elon Musk’s reported $20.7 billion.

I am also rather disappointed that my record collecting has not helped me take the first rungs on the ladder up to the super-rich league.

Fashion icon

Maezawa San is still in the mail order business and he now focuses on fashion. His website Zozotown offers a range of clothes which cost less than 100 dollars.

One way of ensuring you get the right size is to send off for a “Zozo Suit”.

Fashion United informs its readers us that these “dotted bodysuits allow a smartphone camera connected to a Zozo app to take precise measurements of the customer so that a suit can be sent to them which will be a perfect fit.”

Although few people know of this service until recently, Mr Maezawa’s rocket adventure should ensure it gets massive publicity.

“Unfortunately up until now, our business has been domestic. We haven’t been able to do anything globally,” he said. “I am happy that we now have the chance to bring this service to 72 countries.”

The art of space

Mr Maezawa, is now more of an art collector than a record collector. He has said that he will be inviting artists to join him on his 2023 trip around the Moon.
They will have plenty of time to discuss ideas. According to Mr Musk the rocket trip will last around six days. It won’t land on the moon’s surface but should fly right around it before bringing the passengers back to earth.

Musk remember

There are of course a number of risks associated with the project in general and with Elon Musk in particular – and the media have been keen to highlight some of his recent eccentric behaviour.

Another warning came from Mr Musk himself. Before he introduced Maezawa, he warned of the impending “end of civilization” adding “we should take action and become a multi-planet civilization as soon as possible.”