Meet the TV chef who hates sushi and wasabi Kit Kats

My Japanese language tutor Mineko Arai is a great baker. I love her strawberry cheesecake.

I think she could be a contestant on The Great British Bake Off, the most successful cookery show in the UK.

One of the judges, Paul Hollywood has a new show on Channel Four (you can see the trailer here) in which he meets chefs, farmers and bakers in Japan, including in remote prefectures, such as Gifu and Iwate.

Paul Hollywood doesn’t like the taste of sushi, sashimi, tofu or wasabi KitKats. Nor does he enjoy using chopsticks. On his show, he repeatedly says that Japan is a bizarre, strange and weird country.

He acknowledges that the Japanese makes some nice bread – but he doesn’t realise that great bread and cakes are on sale everywhere!

As a presenter, Paul Hollywood is not to everyone’s taste.

“Can’t watch anymore of this,” wrote one person on Twitter. “Insulting to Japan, near racist ‘jokes’ and treating the audience like idiots. Poor quality research, appalling presenting.”

Another added: “Just wasted the last hour watching Paul Hollywood‘s cringey, xenophobic visit to Japan.”

That criticism is a bit strong. However,  I would encourage Paul to spend more time appreciating the delicate flavours of sushi and warm tofu. I do agree though that wasabi KitKats are bizarre, strange and weird.

Did you see the show? If so, please share your opinion? And do tell us if you’ve enjoyed some great bread or cakes from Japan.

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