East Asian men want dating equality

“Do you think if you were a white bloke you would get more girls?”

That was the searching question posed by presenter Elaine Chong in a new show for BBC television called “Being British East Asian: Sex”

BBC Four Presenter Elaine Chong

She was speaking over a Chinese takeaway to a male friend of hers called Ken Cheng.

Ken replied: “I am a comedian who’s been on TV and radio so I’m confident socially but even so, I’m still not getting all that many women attracted to me, not compared to white guys.”

He explained that his profile on dating apps attracts few potential matches and speculated that this could be down to his Chinese race. “You’re not being sexualised, you’re never someone’s crush,” said Ken. 

The show then turned to an American confidence coach called JT Tran who claimed that in order for an Asian man to get the same response rate from women as white men they have to earn an extra $64,000 dollars a year.

“That’s a Rolls Royce!” he told Elaine. 

JT Tran & friend: The Asian Playboy

JT Tran bills himself as The Asian Playboy. He runs workshops for Asian men who want to date women of any race.

In an interview with Yale Daily News he said: “The challenges Asian men face are very multifaceted, ranging from negative media perceptions, from stereotypes, to what our family does to us, the kind of social isolation that the “tiger-type” parenting produces.”

He also helps single women. His Facebook shows he recently ran a workshop called: “Have you met me? How to date any man you want and make him think it was your idea.”

Mr Tran also mentioned in the interview for Yale that when he comes to Britain, he wants to take a girl on a date to Stonehenge. 

The famous prehistoric monument is not far from my family’s home in Wiltshire and I have taken many people there on trips, some of which were romantic dates. 

So, if Mr Tran wants to set up another visit to the UK, I’d be pleased to show him the stones. And I expect if we plan in advance, we can probably find a couple of ladies to join us for a romantic walk around the mysterious circle.