Tomoko Parry

Tomoko Parry was born and grew up in Japan. After graduating from college, she quickly realised a BA in English Literature wouldn’t get her anywhere in the real world so she joined a start-up translation company, learned the ropes of the industry and then relocated to the US, where she currently works as a freelance translator and interpreter.

Please don’t call me Oriental – I am not a rug!

Changing languages, Changing moods

Getting Drunk with Hello Kitty

In celebration of the Japanese toilet

Felicity Tillack

Susan Usui

Felicity Tillack is a writer, photographer and filmmaker based in Japan since 2006. She began her blog and Youtube channel, Where Next Japan, as a way to showcase Japan, its culture and lifestyle. Her recent work, including a feature film and documentaries, focus on the concept of identity in all its forms and intersections. Felicity loves living in Japan, though she misses Australian snacks (and her family).

Romance In Kyoto

Susan Usui arrived in Japan in 1988, armed with a camera and a desire to learn calligraphy.  She taught English in the Nasu area of Northern Tochigi, including to people working in onsen hot spring resorts. After years of living in an ancient farm house, she dusted off her architecture skills and designed and built a family home in the area. Susan left Japan in 2011 and now works as a teacher in Sydney, Australia.

The heavenly seal on Asian babies

David Tonge

David Tonge is Founder of London based design studio The Division. He first visited Japan in the mid-90’s to work as design consultant to Japanese manufacturers and after well over 100 visits and long stays, Japan has become his second home. He speaks Japanese, is a visiting Professor at Kanazawa Art College and has travelled the length and breadth of the country taking pictures of everyday Japanese life.

Perfectly convenient: In praise of small shops

Mac Salman

Mac Salman is from the UK and is the founder and lead guide of Maction Planet, which specialises in bespoke Japan travel and Tokyo-inspired apparel. A Tokyo resident for over 14 years, he has been featured in and written for such publications as Reuters, the New York Times, the Japan Times, Bloomberg, CNBC, Forbes, The Financial Times, SNL and Tokyo Art Beat.

I want to swap the Tokyo Metro for a buffalo taxi

Karaoke Madness

Sean Michael Wilson

Sean Michael Wilson is a writer from Scotland. In 2017, his book Secrets of the Ninja won an International Manga Award from the Japanese government. He is the first British person to receive this award. His books are often on themes of history, biography and social issues. He has written many articles for The Japan Times and presented television programmes in the UK and Japan.

Save the urban gardens

Priti Donnelly

Priti Donnelly is the sales and marketing manager at Nippon Tradings International, a Japanese proxy helping foreigners access the second largest real estate economy in the world. As a Canadian with a background in mortgages and marketing, Priti keeps foreigners informed of the latest trends, business news and featured properties in the Japanese real estate market. Her articles have been featured in REtalk Asia, REthink Tokyo, REI Wealth, and Asian Property Review.

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